Jummp Marketing


Altitudo Audio
Description :
In this Campaign we Preformed Facebook and Google ads over for a 3 month term. The Client sells high end audio equipment in Winnipeg Manitoba.
Facebook Ad Campaign:
For the Meta ad campaign, Jummp Marketing leveraged the platform's extensive targeting capabilities to reach Altitudo Audio's ideal customer demographic. Recognizing the importance of visual appeal in audio product promotion, the team developed engaging, high-quality video and image ads showcasing Altitudo Audio's products in lifestyle settings.
Google Adword Campaign:
For the Google AdWords campaign, Jummp Marketing focused on capturing high-intent users through carefully researched keywords related to high-quality audio products and accessories. The campaign utilized a mix of search ads, showcasing Altitudo Audio's unique selling propositions and product benefits, and display ads for retargeting purposes, reminding users of the products they viewed but did not purchase. Jummp Marketing employed smart bidding strategies to adjust bids in real-time based on conversion likelihood, ensuring the best use of the advertising budget. The team also capitalized on Google's analytical tools to track ad performance and user engagement, allowing for continuous campaign optimization.
Results :

Facebook: Over 1,100 quality clicks, with less than $400 spent. Over 26,000 people reached in their local area.

Google: Over 640 clicks, with less than $400 spent. Over 20,000 people reached in their local area.

Sales: Over $20,000 in sales and over 10 in-person visits in the first month